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Safety Jobs Online (SJO) was started by me, John, HSfB's owner and founder, as a bright idea to help people in their career as an health and safety professional.  However, working full-time during the day, running HSfB and then taking on another venture such as SJO simply cannot be done if I want some sort of work-life balance.

A few months into the SJO project meant that Facebook and Twitter had quite a large following and when I decided to close down SJO until another day, I wondered what to do with the job feeds set up.  So, I've decided to maintain them and let them run away in the background.

The SJO Twitter and Facebook job feeds are below, follow on and good luck!

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It only takes one employer to say yes!
SafetyJobsWeb Safety Jobs - Convert Recruitment: SHEQ Manager - Logistics

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SafetyJobsWeb Safety Jobs - BASF plc: EHS and Quality Manager

9 hours ago.

SafetyJobsWeb The latest The Safety Jobs Online Daily!… Thanks to @Somerset_JobsUK @2ygnus @jobs_birmingham #jobs #job

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