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Total beginner looking for tips.

If you need help on any NEBOSH Certificate topic, just ask in here. There is no such thing as a stupid question in health and safety!

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Total beginner looking for tips.

Post by JackJ1223 »

Hi all,
I'm starting my Nebosh General Cert next month, does anyone have any tips or websites that will help me prepare?
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Re: Total beginner looking for tips.

Post by billinom8s »

Total beginner jumping straight onto NEBOSH, brave man(am i allowed to say that?)

This site will give you access to untapped knowledge, some of it maybe should be tapped, locked in a box and the key melted down, but most of the info on hand is golden.
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Re: Total beginner looking for tips.

Post by ohreally »

Treat it like eating an elephant, one bite at a time.
Don't rush in and risk becoming overwhelemed with information. Do you have H&S experiance?
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Re: Total beginner looking for tips.

Post by Alexis »

Hey Jackj. :wave: Welcome aboard. .salut

By clicking on the big logo at the top left of this page, you will find loads of free downloads and study cards donated by our members to assist.
https://www.healthandsafetytips.co.uk/ Scroll down to the categories and click on NEBOSH SPECIFIC. ;)

Also, if you go to our "search" function at the top right of this page and key in NEBOSH, this too will bring up loads of past questions and replies within our forums.

Remember we also have a FB Group you can join should you prefer the Social Media side of things.
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