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Implementing health and safety

Discuss all things health and safety.

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Implementing health and safety

Post by Polearm20 »


I have a problem in my company where people dont take health and safety at work seriusly and dont obey the rules. Due to that we have many injuries. My question is, what are your ways to make people obey rules and take health and safety at work seriusly?

Thank you in advance,

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Re: Implementing health and safety

Post by bernicarey »

That's a really big question and to some extent it depends on the culture of the country you're in.
In some countries the people are better at following rules than in others.
In others, the whole country has a 'Whatever' attitude where nothing can ever get done properly.
It depends on the leadership of the company, if the Owner/Directors don't care, then the workers probably won't.
If the country doesn't have good H&S laws, that are enforced properly, then you won't get anywhere.

Setting a good H&S Culture is impossible if the Bosses and the Workers don't care.

Can you give an indication of where you are?

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Re: Implementing health and safety

Post by stephen1974 »

Education, Training, Supervision and Floggings.

Education: Show them the consequences of injuries, and I dont necessarily mean the ones to the company, I mean to them, personally. Do they want to be known as stumpy for the rest of their lives?

Training: Are you sure they have been trained to do the job safely, and is whats being taught THE safest way way, or just what the company prefers?

Supervision: Find a responsible (and accountable) person(s) and make sure they are ensuring things are done right and that people are following the rules.

Floggings: OK, so I mean disciplinaries. If someone doesnt follow the rules, the supervisor needs to call for a dsciplinary. Make sure the employees understand there are other consequences besides injury to ignoring therules. If the supervisor isnt picking up on this. Disciplinary. If necessary, fire them. Investigate every accident. If someone didnt do something right. Flog, err, discplinary.

At the end of the day though, unless management/directors/owners buy in to it, it just wont happen. They'll ignore it because of convenience and cost on the assumption that its unlikely to happen. (Despite lots of accidents) If they are only minor, they wont care. If its serious, your to late anyway.

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Re: Implementing health and safety

Post by rhea »

The best way is through educating your employees the right way. Change can be hard for anyone. Try and understand why are they being so adamant about wearing. When you understand the problem, you will be able to find a more appropriate solution to tackling this problem. Another way is you could start wearing safety gear yourself wherever required.
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