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Pesticide Spraying

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Pesticide Spraying

Post by MSpurling »

Good afternoon everyone,

I'm currently looking into the legislation/regulations around staff carrying out pesticide spraying on our site.
We operate a MRF and we use our own staff who carry out pesticide spraying for flying insects. We use an external contractor for rodents.
We have been told that we should look into whether our staff need to have third party qualifications to carry out the pesticide spraying. We do carry out our own in-house training which covers the use of the equipment, PPE, COSHH, etc.
I've hit a brick wall with everywhere that I am looking that I think is relevant, so I'm now turning to you guys to see if you can help me either find the legislation, or the lack of it.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Pesticide Spraying

Post by Waterbaby »

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Re: Pesticide Spraying

Post by Andyblue »

Bit late to respond. My initial thought was the need to have completed a hand held sprayer course. The HSE site is a little vague, but have you had a look at this. https://www.hse.gov.uk/pesticides/resou ... icates.pdf

The OPs circumstances may fall into that area where legislation does not clearly, directly and prescriptively say training etc is required, in which case, I would suggest we look to follow legislation as best practise.
For my two penneth , on the limited info of the OP, I can’t see how the pesticide sprayers would be exempt from having to have certified training.

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