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Post by bernicarey »

Afternoon all,

so I've got a new client who has contacted me about branching out into manufacturing Hand Sanitizer (obviously an eye for an opportunity), presumably thinking it was an easy sideways step from their current main product, which is commercial drink/cocktail flavourings.

The initial enquiry came, I would guess, because they needed an MSDS writing for their product.
Not realising the amount of other things that would come to light by my doing an Audit.
H&S Policy, FRA ... what are those.... .scratch

It's already looking expensive for them as I've had to point out that stirring an IBC of coloured drink mix is, oddly enough, not the same as stirring 1000 ltrs of Ethanol mixture with a flash point <12C. :roll:

So their IBC stirrer needs to be ATEX certified as the container is classed as ATEX 2. And that's before I break the news of other ATEX precautions. Bunding? Spill Kits?

The ethanol they are using is known as Trade Specific Denatured Alcohol or TSDA (some call it TSDA1) , it's a specific blend for commercial use (such as perfumes, toiletries, cosmetics and medicated creams and ointments), made by mixing 999 parts Ethanol, 1 Part Tertiary Butanol and the addition of 10ppm Bitrex.

So while I waited for the Client to get a copy of the actual MSDS from their supplier, I found another UK supplier's one online, exacly the same product....
The MSDS I found online seems quite a reasonable content, its 8 pages.
Today the Client forwarded me the one received from their supplier, at 25 pages.
And the typeface is not that different a size... :roll:

I can see my afternoon is going to be fun.......

Tomorrow - your reward for being safe today...


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