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test and trace risk to business

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test and trace risk to business

Post by MickG »

Hi all

I had some thoughts on the test and trace & possibly how it could increase risk to businesses. I thought I'd share here to see the thoughts of everyone here....

Lockdown restrictions slowing starting to be relaxed, business reopening and staff returning to offices, all should be positive for business and the economy, but the test and trace system could pose a significant increase in risk to individual businesses.

Under the rules, everyone who comes into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19, should self-isolate for 14 days. In a small or medium business, one or two positive cases could result in the entire workforce being forced to isolate. Working from home may be an option for office staff, but a manufacturing or laboratory environment would be forced to close for two weeks with no notice.

Thers is the possiblity of busineses easing back their controls but opening themselves up to an inreased risk.

What do you all think? Have you seen businesses starting to become complacent? Or consdier this wider business risk??


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Re: test and trace risk to business

Post by Alexis »

Interesting Mick. What about putting employees into different teams and ensuring there is a partition and appropriate safe distance between each team area.

By doing this, in a laboratory, or even within manufacturing areas, if anyone is told to self isolate, then only the team from where the victim worked would be required to go home for 14 days, whilst one of the other teams could be split yet again to cover the team who has had to go home for 14 days.....if you see what I mean. :D

There is, of course, the potential scenario you mention occurring, which would be extremely unfortunate.

Will be interesting to hear other thoughts.
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Re: test and trace risk to business

Post by ddlh »

It is highly likely that this scenario will happen - and that is why companies should be taking action to protect the work force - sanitising and keeping social distancing - and stopping the spread of the virus if someone does get infected. Temperature checks before entering the premises - non contact clocking in etc will all help.
Fortunately testing is now more widely available and people who test negative can resume work immediately - so nobody should be off for 14 days unless they test positive.
But welcome to the real world - if you waken with symptoms - and there are so many, but you know you will not be paid if you stay at home - a lot of people will go to work and hope for the best.
I think there is an opportunity here for employers to improve the benefits to their work force in cases like this - but I wont hold my breath
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Re: test and trace risk to business

Post by Messy »

We have introduced dedicated teams in critical work where self distancing is not achievable. So these teams work in silos with special cleaning, handover and shift change measures are in place. Shift changes have been especially problematic, but are now well organised

The size of the teams have been artificially increased where critical work is undertaken to cover unplanned absences. This prevents the need staff from another team being used to cover absences which is the case now

Where a team has to isolate, her teams will work longer shifts for the fortnight to mop up the gap. If two teams isolate, we should be able to carry on, as long as both teams are not required to isolate on simultaneous periods!

Tp prevent cross contamination, staff are not allowed to move between sites unless they provide a business case and a Director signs it off if they deem it essential.

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