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Covid-19 temperature testing of employees

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Re: Covid-19 temperature testing of employees

Post by Waterbaby »

ddlh wrote:
Fri May 29, 2020 7:20 pm
Hi folks - I was on an IOSH webinar today relating to getting back to work.
One question that was asked to one of the presenters - and skillfully dodged - was the question of data protection when checking temperatures etc.

Is this a genuine concern? I could maybe see the point if you were carrying out some medical tests, but remote temperature checks?


"Note: Although similar, there are variations in approach taken by the UK Government and the three devolved administrations."

https://ico.org.uk/global/data-protecti ... employers/

https://dataprotection.ie/en/news-media ... d-covid-19 ( Ireland has similar advice ./thumbsup.. )

#SocialDistancing #FlattenTheCurve

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Re: Covid-19 temperature testing of employees

Post by ddlh »

Thank you waterbaby :).
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Re: Covid-19 temperature testing of employees

Post by ScottD »

Hi Dave,

I agree, I am recording all our guys temperatures, including contractors we have on site daily. I have their average temperature worked and set up a spreadsheet with conditional formatting so that if a temperature is entered and it is a full degree above the average it flags it up to me and we can monitor that guy later in the day. I think it is beneficial and an early indicator of possible symptoms. The spreadsheet is in a secure electronic file only accessible to the MD, GM and myself.
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Re: Covid-19 temperature testing of employees

Post by thesafetymaster »

Hello, It is very necessary to do the thermal screening of your employees at the workplace. Thermal screening is a procedure that detects, records, and produces a careful analysis for temperature checking of people.
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