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"Self Employed" Workers

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"Self Employed" Workers

Post by stephen1974 »

One of those days where there are too many things rattling around inside my head to think clearly.

Some companies use people who are "self employed" to form their workforce. Now, these people work only for one company and no others and you may not find any worker who is actually employed by the company they are "working for". Where do they fit in under H&S law exactly? Are they to be treated as employees or contractors? How does this apply to things an employer would normally have to do for an employee such as provide training, ppe, eye tests, health surveillence etc?

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Re: "Self Employed" Workers

Post by Andyblue »

I’m sure someone will come with a longer answer. Being “self employed” is often thought of in HMRC terms, but IMHO that’s not enough for H&S.
treat them as yours unless contracts say otherwise and even then don’t forget the bit in H&SAWA. About those affected by your business.
Being self employed should mean making further enqs that they meet your standards, not an excuse to lower them

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