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Training Matrix/Competency Assessment system?

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Training Matrix/Competency Assessment system?

Post by Donnyluke »

Good evening everyone :)

I have been asked by the management if i will develop a Training Matrix and develop a Competency Assessment system, just for information it is for a Mechanical Fabrication Workshop.

Not really done this before can anyone please give me any guidance and advice, or if you could send me a template of one or know any good websites any help will be much appreciated.

My apologies if this has been discussed in depth in previous posts.

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Re: Training Matrix/Competency Assessment system?

Post by stephen1974 »

A training matrix should be relatively straight forward to do in a spreadsheet style. Employees names down the side and required training across the top. Simple as that. You can improve on that by grouping the training into essential and desirable as well as external and internal training. You can alsi include expirey dates of certificates where applicable so you can plan when employees need to be retrained.

Competency assessment is a little different and it depends on what you are looking for. Competency in terms of being trained, or competency in terms of actually doing the task. You could do it in the form of an exam style questionnaire based off of the safe working procedures or you could do it in the form of a supervised visual assessment.

I saw a good system once which was an insert the missing words type questionnaire. The sentences used were straight out of the safe systes of work, or from various policies controlling an activity and they were not obvious answers and you didnt get multiple choice, you had to know it. It might be a word from a sentatnce, an entire sentance or a mssing point frm a list.

The supervised assessment can be done through just observation or you could get th employee to talk through the process, or ask questions as they do it, or both. Example, the employee says he is going to do X you ask him Y (See what i did there ?)

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