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Contact lenses and welding

Discuss all things health and safety.

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Contact lenses and welding

Post by gregg011 »

Hi All,
I have just been asked a question that I have not come across before.
Can welders wear contact lenses when welding? Obviously using the Welding mask and other PPE.
My instinct is to say yes but want some guidance from the collective knowledge base on here.
Thanks in advance,

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Re: Contact lenses and welding

Post by Alexis »

Can anyone offer any of their own experiences on this one? Many thanks if you can. .salut

Until our own tried and trusted members come in Gregg, I found this link if it is of any help to you. (You may have seen it yourself anyway.)

http://www.ukwelder.com/forum/lofiversi ... t2782.html
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Re: Contact lenses and welding

Post by gregg011 »

Thank you Alexis,
this answers the question perfectly.
Many thanks,

Very welcome Gregg. .salut

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Re: Contact lenses and welding

Post by quality_somerset »

Hi Gregg

This is an old snapshot of the HSE's view on welding with contact lenses.

http://www.hse.gov.uk/fod/infodocs/668_21.pdf (this link does not work, included only for reference purposes only)

HSE 668/21

Information Document Health and Safety Executive

1 This document contains internal guidance which has been made available to
the public. The guidance is considered good practice but is not compulsory. You
may find it useful in deciding what you need to do to comply with the law. However, the guidance may not be directly applicable in all circumstances and any queries should be directed to the appropriate enforcing authority.

2 Over a number of years, articles have appeared in the press of several
countries alleging that microwave (and in some versions of the story ultra violet)
energy from electrical discharges, eg welding arcs, has heated contact lenses
sufficiently to dry out the tear film between the lens and the surface of the eye
causing the lens to adhere. It is further alleged that subsequent removal of the
contact lens has caused severe damage to the cornea of the eye.

3 There is no substance to these allegations. Contact lens do not focus light or
microwave radiation onto the cornea. Further, arcs do not generate enough
microwave energy to cause significant heating of a contact lens or the eye.

4 It is possible, however, that if a wearer of contact lenses were to sustain a
flash burn ('arc-eye'), the lenses might give rise to additional irritation. A sensible
precaution would be for the wearer, if his or her eyes started to become painful after exposure to flash, to remove the lenses immediately and not to replace them until the irritation has subsided.

May 1997

******Note this document is no longer on the HSE website, so please bear that in mind******

Kind regards


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