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Risk Profile - Warehouse

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Jnr Member
Jnr Member
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Risk Profile - Warehouse

Post by Paul1979 »

Does anyone know / have a definitive answer for this (as we're a bit stumped)....

New warehouse (high vertical racking systems for household consumables) being built with BS9999 guidance.

Architect states that Risk Profile is A3 as per BS9999....but we cannot see anywhere that states Storage falls definitively into this profile (could be A2/A3 or even A4 which, if the case, would fall outside the BS9999 criteria?).

Anyone with any experience please let me know!!

No sprinkler system either.
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Official HSfB Legend
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Re: Risk Profile - Warehouse

Post by Alexis »


Thank you to anyone who may have an offering or two.
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Grand Shidoshi
Grand Shidoshi
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Re: Risk Profile - Warehouse

Post by Messy »

Sorry, I am working away from the office and my copy of 9999

Have you asked the architect to confirm profile given?

Even Architects make mistakes - lots of them in my experience

Jnr Member
Jnr Member
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Re: Risk Profile - Warehouse

Post by Andyblue »

Like Messy, try asking the architect to explain why your premises come under a differing group to your expectations. Perhaps the architect was given erroneous info you the client or was not given info and opted to make certain assumptions, which you now see as incorrect. Ask, thats what the consultant and client relationship is all about.

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