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Installing machinery

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Installing machinery

Post by Razzman002 »


I have just been informed that my company are planning to install some equipment on another site but for someone outside of the company as part of an external management agreement.
Where will we stand legally about this, we install they use, what do we need to do to comply with various legislation

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Re: Installing machinery

Post by kevlarion »

All sorts of possible liabilities, many of which are dependant on the type of machinery. For example a photocopier comes with a delivery man, a technician to help set it up, provide initial training and an instruction booklet.
If it's a baling machine then it'll have guarding and lockouts, detailed safety training, maintenance procedures and possibly a maintenance agreement. I think it will also need to have guarding and lockouts CE marked which shows it is designed to be as intrinically safe as possible.
You will probably need a lawyer or a machine specialist to guide you in anything more than a very general sense.
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Re: Installing machinery

Post by Godscrasher »

Could you give me some more details about your 'install'. What role does your company play in the chain? Are you supplying and installing, or installing and operating, or just merely installing the equipment for the business that will be operating it? Also what type of machinery is it?

I'll help out as much as I can.

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