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Practical Training vs e-Learning

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Practical Training vs e-Learning

Post by Safetyrail » Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:30 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm just reviewing the companies training provision and I'm just questioning myself about manual handling practical training vs e-learning.

We have a delivery drivers where their core work activities are driving and manual handling of plastic containers (totes) max 22kg.

We have arrangements in place to provide e-Learning that covers manual handling but I don't think this would be suitable and sufficient.

I'm sure that no doubt you've possibly had this question, situation before, would you be able to advise what you did?



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Re: Practical Training vs e-Learning

Post by Safe&Sound » Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:39 pm


I will always say it depends on the learning style of the individual as to which method of training is best suited. For me in particular I much prefer the E-Learning routes or distance learning however as your specifically asking about manual handling training I'll share my thoughts.

What does the current E-Learning cover in regards to manual handling? It may we be fine for theoretical training however as your drivers are required to manual handle containers up to 22kg then I would be reviewing the manual handling risk assessment and implementing some sort of practical manual handling training and assessment into it.

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Re: Practical Training vs e-Learning

Post by witsd » Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:48 am

E-learning is a fine balance. If your employees aren't the most computer literate, it will frustrate, and they will pay less attention. If they are too computer literate, they will probably find ways to skip past half of it (this is usually me).

Similarly if the package is too patronising or irrelevant to their role they are going to pay no attention, in a manner that they might not get away with during face-to-face training.

Having said that, at least e-learning packages tend towards consistency – trainers vary wildly, both in terms of accuracy and charisma. I've seen a room full of staff on their phones while a trainer talked at them – a complete waste of time and money.

Either way, I'd argue that having some way to measure the training is essential in order to show that it has worked (at least to some extent), be that a multiple-choice quiz or a practical session.
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