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Manual Handling

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Manual Handling

Post by Paraandy8 »

Hi, Ive been suggesting to my employer we need to carry out some manual handling training, as we’ve some guys lifting repetitive loads throughout the working day ranging from 15kg up top 70 kg heavy concrete posts. The latest one is some lads laying turfs averaging 30kg about 300 of these in an 8 hour period.
They use NFU for health and safety advice, who came back with the response that he doesn’t need to carry out any training. I then pointed out in the Company’s Generic Manual Handling Assessment that in your control measures your actually listing (Training in manual handling and Training in lifting techniques) :oops: .
What’s your thoughts on this?

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Re: Manual Handling

Post by Alexis »

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Re: Manual Handling

Post by witsd »

What was NFU's reasoning for no training being required?

I've never known anywhere to do no MH training whatsoever.
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Re: Manual Handling

Post by PaulDonaldson »

Are the NFU going to pay out on claims due to manual handling injuries. One insurance agent we had said if we dont do manual handling training and someone is injured moving something, then we are liable.
Dont know why they would give this advice
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