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No food or drink beyond this point!!!!

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No food or drink beyond this point!!!!

Post by speshtiny »

Hi All,

I work for a college as the health and safety manager. the question is how to break the pattern on person's breaking rules, educating them if you will.
The problem I face is that we have a engineering wing that holds your typical lathes and other machines, at the back we have a classroom with top grade computers for AUTOCAD and the likes, as well as some specialist printing machines. Now there are signs everywhere stating no food or drink past this point. However students and some staff still think it's ok to drink in the classroom.
Question is, how would you reform/ educate these students and staff member's to follow the rules without going full bore with disciplinary action?

Thank you

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Jnr Member
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Re: No food or drink beyond this point!!!!

Post by Safe&Sound »


Is the a place nearby in the area where they can have refreshments such as water when required?

You or more so the College has clearly set the standard as to what is expected and it is the responsibility of the Staff to ensure this is being adhered to by them and their students. I would advise speaking to the teacher(s) in question and explain the purpose of the rule as well as offering a nearby facility for students/teachers to have a drink of water (perhaps a water cooler just outside the classroom?). If the member of staff is blatantly out right disregarding this rule and not accepting the alternatives then unfortunately the only other way to enforce this rule is for the college to take disciplinary action...

Deal with the staff first who will in turn deal with the students.

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Re: No food or drink beyond this point!!!!

Post by Andyblue »

We’ve set out target audience - the staff. From them to students adopt their habits. There seem to be few places these days who do not allow or even encourage the provision of drinking water either personal bottles or the larger water fountains, and it’s a natural progression to coffee, tea etc to enter the work place
In your classroom, the high value computer bits are the most vulnerable.
After educating the educators, perhaps they may want to take some financial liability if they /student spill and cause damage or loss of study time.
No easy answer, and ideally dealt with on a softly softly approach to reduce kickback

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Re: No food or drink beyond this point!!!!

Post by witsd »

Firstly, be honest with people. Saying "No food and drink near the PCs for H&S reasons" is fairly clearly not true – the primary concern is ruining the electrical components, as anyone who has spilled a cup of tea over their keyboard will know.

After that, it's really just about consistency. The same message from all figures of authority all the time, with no exceptions, and certainly no examples of teachers breaking the rules themselves.
We often think that when we have completed our study of one we know all about two, because 'two' is 'one and one.' We forget that we still have to make a study of 'and.'

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