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Post by markholly »


Really looking for some help on this, whilst my manager is on holiday the directors have asked me for a list of things which legally have to be in place when purchasing a new building/venue. They/we have apparently been stung in the past with regards to hefty bills to correct work which had not been completed.

I have until 10:00am so the countdown has started.

My initial thoughts are as follows:

1. Asbestos management Report – Check for any trouble asbestos
2. Fire Alarm – If not installed, cost to have a new one installed, if installed the cost to cover any upgrades required
3. Emergency Light service
4. Electrical Testing
5. Fire Risk Assessment – Highlight any issues where we are not compliant.

I would welcome any help on this one, can imagine I will be burning the midnight oil on this one.


Mark .salut

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Re: Requirements

Post by quality_somerset »

Hi Mark

A few off the top of my head:

- Gas safety

- Legionella testing

- Fixed wiring test

- Pressure testing for air systems and other pressurised systems

- LOLER certs if you have lifts or other lifting equipment



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Re: Requirements

Post by Andyblue »

On first read I thought along the lines of a house buy - surely that surveyor etc, which immediately leads to the question of flood and such like, let alone things like power supply. You are looking to a very long list.

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Re: Requirements

Post by bernicarey »

Oh dear... another question where we are going to throw ideas around without knowing the circumstances....
Type of building?
Single or multi story?
Numbers of staff?
Open to public?
Office, manufacturing, warehousing, or mixture?
etc., etc.,

As Andyblue says, you're looking at a very long list and all the physical things about the structure, gas, electrics, flooding, drainage etc should come up via a surveyor visit.
You need to concentrate on the H&S/Fire aspects that you would already know for the business and their relevance to this new location, going back to all the points I raised above. .salut

Tomorrow - your reward for being safe today...


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