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Unit DNI Risk Profile

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Unit DNI Risk Profile

Post by neboshnoob » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:44 pm

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone out there can help me.

I've been plugging away at Unit DNI for the February submission. Although a poorly placed holiday has shorted the days available to complete.

I've got to Risk Profile and I can't find within my company anything close to the framework set out in HSG65.

the nature and level of the risks faced by your organisation;
the likelihood of adverse effects occurring and the level of disruption;
the costs associated with each type of risk;
the effectiveness of the controls in place to manage those risks.

We have hundreds of risk assessments for all our routine tasks but nothing like the strategic level risk profile. I suppose I could just tear the company to pieces in the report? However, I'm struggling to answer the questions in the unit DNI guidance doc
What is the nature of the significant risks faced by the organisation?
 What is the likelihood of adverse effects occurring and the level of disruption?
 Is there evidence that critical health and safety risks are included in the overall business risk management of the organisation?
 Is there evidence that all of the critical risks have been identified within organisational risk profiling and the level of risk assessed effectively?
 Is there evidence that critical controls have been identified and implemented effectively, or a plan in place to implement these controls based on defined priorities?
 Is there evidence that risks are being managed proportionality and sensibly?
 Is there evidence of assessment of risks/risk assessments including the identification of persons affected, including vulnerable workers?
 Is there evidence of active/reactive monitoring of critical control from risk assessment?
 Is there evidence of review of risk assessments at appropriate intervals based on established risk level?
 What is the health and safety practitioner’s role in enabling work activities as part of proportionate and sensible risk management?
Has anyone else discovered the same during their analysis?


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Re: Unit DNI Risk Profile

Post by Waterbaby » Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:19 pm

Bump ./thumbsup..

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Re: Unit DNI Risk Profile

Post by cs91 » Sat May 11, 2019 8:04 pm

Hi all,

Was hoping someone could give a bit of guidance on this one....is it acceptable to say something in risk profile such as 'this will be covered further in the improvements section' and provide more information under that section?

Struggling with the risk profile, as the example is very concise and doesn't go too much in to what is being doing to action taken,not taken and what should be taken (as mentioned in the marking script)...so i find myself commenting on what is lacking and waffling on about legal breaches, what guidance/ACOP suggests and specific changes/controls to implement!

any help would be appreciated!

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