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SHEQ management software - recommendations

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SHEQ management software - recommendations

Post by TWDB » Tue Sep 25, 2018 4:14 pm

Hi Guys,

I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that I need some assistance to allow me to be able to do all the things I need and want to do. and management my companies H&S. Our systems etc, are so manual as well so not very efficient.

So I have decided I need to look into software for managing our audits , NCR and close out , our SHEQ incident reporting, our competency and training.

can anyone recommend or point me in the direction of a system they use

I have requested a demo of IAuditor, and looked at Competency cloud, but there are so many other options on the market and many seem to be for large organizations etc.

we are 60 people so budget is some what restricted, but not too bad if the right system is found.

also any tips on selecting one would be useful.


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Re: SHEQ management software - recommendations

Post by Alexis » Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:12 am

Good Morning T. :wave:

There is a past post about Iauditor that you can peruse until other options are posted from our members. ;)

https://www.healthandsafetytips.co.uk/f ... s=iauditor
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Re: SHEQ management software - recommendations

Post by grim72 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:45 am

Hi T

I am close to completing the development of an app version of our inspection systems which we should be able to adapt to cover additional things such as incident reporting/competency etc. I will be looking to offer free trials for testing to some of our key customers but would be happy to take a look at how easy it would be for us to add an extra component for you to test out too? Feel free to drop me a PM as I don't want to be seen as selling our wares on the forum.

Ideally if you have a list of the process you want to follow I can see about creating it for you. Can't promise anything but happy to give it a try.
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