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CHAS Documentation

Post by KellyMac » Wed Jun 06, 2018 12:24 pm

Good afternoon all you lovely people.

I wonder if you could help at all?

Each year we renew our CHAS and upload all the relevant of the directors at work is questioning with if we can change how we get our casual staff to sign to say they have received a health & safety back pocket guide. Currently, when we work at events and hand out a guide to the staff, we have a separate signature sheet for them to sign to say that they have received one and understood. Some events have 20 staff or 200.

Now, one of the directors wants a ticky box or signature box on the staff timesheet card, to say they have received a guide. Not all staff get a guide at every event, as they still have one from the previous event.

Currently, the way we do it is sufficient proof for CHAS that we are doing it if we were to change the way and add it to their timecard, which we get a copy of it, would this still be sufficient evidence?

I have also brought to their attention that if we do it on the time card, we would also be uploading personal data (could be a breach of GDPR), as on the timecard states their telephone number, dob, name etc. We would have to marker pen this out when uploading this to CHAS

I am not adverse to change, just want to ensure that whatever we do does not affect our CHAS renewal.

Thanks in advance

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Re: CHAS Documentation

Post by Blackstone » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:39 pm


Is it the same staff at each event or different everytime?
Are they being given the same pocket guide each time or is the guide event specific?

If its the same staff being given the same pocket guide for each event, why are they signing for it each time? Surely you would give them the guide and they sign for it once. Maybe re-issue periodically or if it is changed?
Do you have a log of people that have recieved the Pocket guide to save keep re-issuing to the same staff.

I think the way you do it with a sheet for each event is the best way to do it. Trying to combine with timecards seems unnecessary IMO.

From my experience of doing CHAS renewals, they are only looking for a sample and not all of the evidence?

Hopefully ive not misread the question .scratch ./thumbsup..

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