Company Meeting presentation - ideas to grab attention and increase learning

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Company Meeting presentation - ideas to grab attention and increase learning

Post by TWDB » Thu May 17, 2018 12:25 pm

Afternoon all,

I'm after some ideas for the format of a short interactive presentation that I can give to the Company's staff for approx. 30 mins in terms of H&S or SHEQ.

Trying to get a pointy across but in a fun interactive way. anyone done this?

Quiz/ or team task around tables and a prize maybe?


just wondering what others have done, I normally just have to speak about SHE performance show a graph and sit down.

have had speaker come in in previous years but not allowed to do this due to cost/ time allowed for my slot.

any ideas appreciated.
thanks in advance
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Re: Company Meeting presentation - ideas to grab attention and increase learning

Post by ddlh » Tue May 22, 2018 5:03 pm

Flip charts and post it notes - break into teams - detail the problem and how they think it could be solved.

Two lines on the flip charts - positive and negatives. 10 minutes then collate and discuss.

Somewhat anonymous - but gives the wee chap at the back who is scared to speak up - the opportunity to get his suggestion in. Many a golden nugget raised in these sessions.

And a prize - box of chocks for winning team - and another for best suggestion

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Jack Kane
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Re: Company Meeting presentation - ideas to grab attention and increase learning

Post by Jack Kane » Tue May 22, 2018 10:09 pm

Lego, big gloves, bit of paper, pencil and a sense of humour.

I don't know how many people you are working with, but if it was a group of 4 or 5 people, that's a nice size.

The task is to have each group build something out of Lego. I'd suggest each group has something different to build if you can. It could be a JCB, plane, car, building, skyscraper, garage, rocket etc. Make it a bit of a challenge, something needing a bit of design input and a safe system of work :lol:

Each group should allocate the following roles...

Customer - must be happy with the design, it's their money, it's their project, it's THEIR TOY!! Needs to be right!
Construction worker - just one

The rules...

1. The customer is always right
2. The customer can change their mind on the design as often as they like
3. The customer is always right
4. The group must come up with a safe system of work to build the thing (imagination must be used!)
5. There can be only one construction worker allowed to touch the Lego when build begins
6. The customer is always right

Give them a few minutes to come up with their design and SSoW but DON'T tell them about rule number 5 at this point.

Give them 10 minutes or so to make the customer's toy and get ready to start the stopwatch. Just before you say GO, give them the big reveal of rule number 5 and give that person a pair of welder's gauntlets. :D

When the construction worker has finished the build using their giant gloves, explain to the groups that working with these gloves on is much the same as working with the effects of HAVS, give them an idea of what that entails. There's plenty of information on the HSE's site if you wanted to show facts and figures, or you could discuss the things in life which would be so much harder, or impossible, if we don't manage vibration properly.

Taking the message from work to home life is my preference.


Obviously you can chop and change any and all of that to suit :lol:

Hopefully there's a bit of inspiration in there somewhere.
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