Long Distance Business- Not for Me!!

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Grand Shidoshi
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Long Distance Business- Not for Me!!

Post by Messy » Sun May 13, 2018 12:43 pm

I have recently returned from the latest long distance business trip and thank goodness, it's my last.

My employers offered to help another organisation with some very significant fire safety problems in their worldwide portfolio. I said yes thinking (or being led to think) the travel would be in Europe.

The trips were much further with this recent one being in the far East. It all sounds so glamerous. Business lounge at the airport. Posh fold down individual seat/bed in your own pod and really nice food and amazing service.

But after a journey more than 12 hours long and with little sleep (thanks to a noisy couple in a double bed - yes, double bed - who were up to noisy mile high activities!!), I arrived at the office at 9.30 to do a days work. Knackered does not describe the tiredness!!

3 days on 2 different sites and the same hideous journey in reverse. I have been home 2 days now and have a permanent headache. Back in my local office tomorrow if I can get out of my bed.

How the hell do people do this for real every week/ month?

The good news is that some progress is likely with the issues presented. I have never seen such poor fire safety in such a tall and modern building. My report will argue unless certain improvements are made, the office should be relocated.

That's gunna put the cat amongst the pigeons as my role was to pacify staff who were concerned working and sleepiing up a very high building post Grenfell

Back to bed now

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Grand Shidoshi
Grand Shidoshi
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Re: Long Distance Business- Not for Me!!

Post by ddlh » Sun May 13, 2018 6:34 pm

Welcome to the real world Messy :)

I also travelled as par of my work duties - not business class though - good on you!! (Could start a whole new conversation about your experience lol)

As I said - travel long distance - sometimes arriving at the site at starting time - when I was expecting a night sleep before hand - then the customery corporate meal out when you just want to crash in your room!

I have had some wonderful experiences and made some friends in laces I never dreamed - and had some bad experiences too. (went into security at Georgia airport chatting to staff - came out of the scanner minus my camera, mobile phone and all my local currency. And all of a sudden nobody spoke English.

But the visit was a success - my company paid for my losses - but I dont need the hastle any more.

maybe a life / work balance check required :)

take care
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Re: Long Distance Business- Not for Me!!

Post by AdamJ » Mon May 14, 2018 8:08 am

I did that kind of thing for about eight years. Sounded glamorous doing a week a month home in the UK then three weeks a month elsewhere, usually all over Americaland, Brazil, Venezuela, Indonesia and so on but in the end you almost had to check the local news just to remind yourself what country you were in as it all merged into one hotel-factory-hotel-factory-airport routine. Thoroughly enjoyed it though and had some amazing experiences, but God it was tough going sometimes.

I think my 'this is getting exhausting' peak came on a trip to the Philippines. I flew there on something like a 12 hour flight and arrived at mid-morning their time, late bed-time my time. Got a two hour taxi over to a place called Subic Bay, did about 8 hours work, then got a taxi back to Manilla, a plane to Hong Kong, another quick three hour job there, then a plane back to Heathrow. I was gone 3-4 days but didn't stay anywhere long enough to have time to even get a hotel room. The glamour of international work.

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