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Construction conversion exam Only

If you need help on any Construction Certificate topic, just ask in here. There is no such thing as a stupid question in health and safety!

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Construction conversion exam Only

Post by Hammerhead41 »

Hi All,

Coming from a construction background and having just completed my SMSTS (site manager safety training scheme) i have NEBOSH General booked for next week 4th june.

Would a NEBOSH Construction "Exam only" be not only a possibility but a reasonably foreseeable way to pass? the consultant teaching my SMSTS who comes from a construction background recommended it as a cheaper alternative.


Many Thanks all!


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Trainer of all, master of none
Trainer of all, master of none
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Re: Construction conversion exam Only

Post by PaulDonaldson »

When you pass your NGC, your NGC1 counts towards your construction cert, therefore you only need to do NCC1 and 2. NCC1 is not that much different from GC2 and its is possible that you could self study for it. In my experience it doesnt matter what background you come from, if you cant do NEBOSH speak then you will struggle to pass any of their exams.
Feel free to contact me if you want to chat it through.
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Re: Construction conversion exam Only

Post by Safetysmurf »

Hi Hammerhead,

If you went down the Nebosh Construction certificate you would still have to pass NGC1, NCC1 and NCC2
Your SMSTS would have no relevance to the Nebosh qualification. (Although it would help you to obtain the NCC)
You would struggle to pass the NGC1 without any guidance (my opinion only)
If you pass the Nebosh general certificate NGC1, NGC2 and NGC3 then when you study for the NCC you would only have to take the NCC1 and NCC2 and would be exempt from taking NGC1 because you have already passed this on the NGC course.

Hope this helps


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