First H&S manager role

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First H&S manager role

Post by Jess96 »

Hi All,

I'm very new to the world of forums! I am a recently addition to my SLT as a H&S manager looking over 3 sites (thankfully in close proximity). The biggest difference I am seeing between my previous companies and where I am now is a lack of being able to talk to anyone about ideas or problems faced. I have definitely had a few 'is it me?' moments.

Does anyone else feel a bit lonely in their role without someone to bounce ideas or knowldege off? I used to enjoy doing this in my last role within projects as it allowed me to have different ideas for solutions.
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Re: First H&S manager role

Post by WillPool »

Hi Jess96, :wave:

Welcome to the forums hsfbwelcome

congrats on the new role.

I think everyone has these doubts/moments ./thumbsup..

If you need wish to bounce ideas of someone, happy to help (PM me and I can give you contact details) as I am an approved mentor in the Institute of Leadership. :D

Will .salut
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Re: First H&S manager role

Post by Messy »

Hi Jess

You are in the right place for sharing ideas and completing the odd sanity check when you are in doubt

I worked in a team of 25 fire safety inspectors when I was in the fire service. My next job it was just me looking after around 80 (difficult) premises and a staff of 6,500+

So I understand how the loss of a workplace water cooler forum can be tricky when it comes to discussions and working out solutions. A forum like this one can replace that to some extent, and this one is very friendly with no egos trying to outdo advice from someone else (which happens on other forums)
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Re: First H&S manager role

Post by Alexis »

Hello there Jess and another warm welcome from me too. :wave:

If I were you, I would most certainly take our Willpool up on his first class offer. ./thumbsup..

As for our Messy, he is one of our many wonderful professional contributors within our forums, specialising in anything fire related......and many other areas too I might add. :)

Every single one of our members, as Messy mentions, are just second to none, offering their professional advice freely and without judgement, so keep in mind, when using our HSfB site........ There is no such thing as a "stupid" or "daft" health and safety question!

Good to have you aboard. .salut

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