Portable Heaters

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Portable Heaters

Post by clio222 »

With the winter coming a lot if premises/offices are introducing portable heaters. Appreciate there should be strict guidance on using these however I have had conflicting information around what is the “safest”. Portable convection heater or portable oil filled heater. I was always told the oil filled is the most safest. Would be good to get a consensus of opinion and also the rationale ( Hope I have been giving out the right advice :shock: Thanks
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Re: Portable Heaters

Post by Messy »

IMHO, it definitely oil filled that are 'safer' than convector - but the former are unpopular as they seem slow to operate. But as you imply in your post, its a bit more complicated than just considering the heating appliance used

As always there's the human element that is the most risky part. Connecting heaters via adaptors, using timers on unsecured convectors or fan heaters and of course placing combustible items too close are far more of a risk than the infrastructure itself.

But on a simple choice of convector v oil filled, the latter represents the lower risk

I would be interested to hear the views of others
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Re: Portable Heaters

Post by witsd »

My understanding is that oil-filled radiators are much safer, unless damaged (as I think the oil vapour is flammable? May be way out of date here though).
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