Child Labour

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Child Labour

Post by Messy »

I have been in my garden and witnessing the demolition of my neighbours log cabin today.

They bought in specialist contractors from the traveller community to carry out the task. To be fair, they worked very hard in 32c and with minimal breaks

I didnt expect any RAMS or even PPE and that is what I saw. But the scary thing was the 12 year old boy operating a chainsaw without gloves or eye protection

His protective tee shirt was removed early on when he was up on the partially supported roof structure with his chainsaw

My safety moment lasted 8 seconds when I queried saying something to his boss/dad...... but thought better of it as I haven't often seen eye-to-eye with members of this community in the past

It made me feel sad to think of this boy grafting at risk like this in this heat on a Saturday in the UK, when he should be studying or out with his mates 😢
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Re: Child Labour

Post by Alexis »

This is very sad to read Messy and in my view, your neighbour is totally the one in the wrong for allowing these actions to take place on their premises.

The neighbour's choice of cost over the potential life of a child is despicable! I wonder if they would have put their own family's' life in danger by handing their smallest family child such a lethal tool at all, let alone allowing them to actually use it! .pale

I understand your choice not to mention your concerns. It wouldn't have made any difference anyway, unless you were the one paying for the job in hand.

We used to have a travelling family who came to our neighbourhood in the summertime each year whom myself and many of my neighbours "employed". They worked hard, always did a professional job and they always took precautions (albeit not always in line with Legislation), but safety certainly seemed to be their "bosses" concern at all times.

I do wonder why they don't come around anymore though! ;)
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