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Scaffolding for a Solar Panel installation

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Scaffolding for a Solar Panel installation

Post by Hen »

Hi everyone,

I have a few questions about the scaffolding for a Solar Panel installation at my home.
Who is responsible for the scaffolding, the Solar Panel installer (Glowgreen in that case), and the scaffolder company, which I don't know who that is because it is all organized by Glowgreen or myself?

The reason is that they made the scaffolding very unsafe, the ladder guards are not locked off, trip hazards on access garden entrance, and can`t open my patio door.

I have reported all the safety issues to Glowgreen but they have not responded back, clearly not caring about the safety issues.
I would like to report those bad practices because I am concerned that is their "normal" approach to a Solar panel installation.
They expect me to have that scaffolding up for 2 -3 weeks and I am concerned there will be an accident, kids for example using it as a playground, or delivery drivers trip over.

Does someone know?

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Re: Scaffolding for a Solar Panel installation

Post by Alexis »

Good Morning to you Hen.

I'm glad you are looking at the safety aspects and not just turning a blind eye to what you see as potential risks. So many people would just ignore the issues you mention. Just keep in mind amiable discussions work best and are usually better for speedy satisfactory outcomes. The contracting company may not be aware of the problems you are concerned about albeit they should be checking the site each week whilst the scaffolders are there to ensure the Construction Plan is being adhered to.

I would say you have done the correct thing in the first instance by contacting the Contractor who has employed the scaffolding company. I would keep all your communications in writing via email and would suggest you email them again pointing out your worries, but this time, give them a time limit and date for a response to your email either by email, telephone or in person with your preference i.e. perhaps best in person with one other, such as a friend. Don't, however, offer ultimatum on what will happen should they not contact you.

If your time-limit date over-runs and no communication with you has been met, then you can contact the HSE https://www.hse.gov.uk/contact/concerns.htm

If you are in a Council House and you have no communication from the Contractor, you can also contact your local Council, who will be able to assist.

There should be a board on-site with details of the contractors and whom to contact. Use that email address!

There will be a contract between the main contractor and the scaffolding company to which there will also have been a risk assessment produced that both of them have agreed upon. You are entitled to see this and have it explained to you plus any concerns you perceive to be taken into account.

I am sure our members will come in with their own replies when they have a moment.

Hope this helps in the meantime and hope you have your genuine concerns attended to quickly. Please let us know how you get on Hen.
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