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NG2 Practical

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NG2 Practical

Post by Joe26 »

Hi all, this is maybe a stupid question so humour me. If you work in an environment where health and safety is already taken unbelievably serious then how do you go about finding improvements for your risk assessment. If you work somewhere where there's little or no H&S then it would be easy enough.

I know that the workplace you base your assessment on has to be real, but since the marker will never visit would making some of it up be ok? I know its not ideal but sometimes its a struggle to find further action to control risks.
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Re: NG2 Practical

Post by Waterbaby »

Bump ./thumbsup..

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Re: NG2 Practical

Post by Alexis »

Hi Joe. Prior to the new Open Book method for the Practical, it had to be done in relation to the specific workplace without any made up bits.

I would assume the same would still apply.

Although you are lucky to be in a workplace that take HSE to the max and is wonderful, I'll bet if you look again there will be things that can be improved upon.

Perhaps workstations have been moved and haven't quite had all the necessary "housewifery" set up yet, i.e. first aid kits not in place, signage etc., storage in a bit of a muddle waiting for racking etc., or maintenance hasn't quite been on top of things, or paperwork hasn't been audited and out of timescale etc etc. Also, fire drills being done regularly.

Hope this helps a little for the moment.
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