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Wed 16 Sept 2020

Exactly what the title implies......pop in and say "good morning" or "good evening". Any subject you like, post away and get your post count up. (Unless it's Monday, see below.......)

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Wed 16 Sept 2020

Post by Waterbaby »

Good Afternoon All :hello2:

A .sunny morning , little cloudy now and warm 20 C

Have a good day !

#SocialDistancing #FlattenTheCurve
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Re: Wed 16 Sept 2020

Post by Alexis »

Good Efty to you too baby of the water. :lol: :wave:
Good Efty to all our amazing HSfBers. .cheers

Well...........blinking freezing wind up here this morning, dull and not a hint of sunshine. Definitely Autumn-ally today. Booohoooo! :roll:

I want to mention how amazing the RSPB are and would ask, if you can afford it, please buy anything from their website now and then. https://www.rspb.org.uk/ (This is the only perk I get as Administrator. :lol: )

They have this amazing service whereby you can telephone them if you have any concerns about wildlife in and around your home. They have local people ready to come out and help, give advice, offer solutions etc etc. They are a charity and need our help to keep going.

I have a non-flying Magpie in my garden who looked in distress. It has been here for over a week and I have been looking after it as best as anyone can with a wild bird. I called the RSPB. Five minutes later, our local professional RSPB person arrives, catches the bird in an instant, gives it a medical and explains it will be fine, but will not fly for about another few weeks, so.........this is my task for the next few weeks, to see the bird fleeeee away. :lol:

I must stop talking now and go do some proper work. :lol:

Happy happy Wednesday folks. .cheers
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