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Health and safety policy

Discuss management systems in here, including - HS(G)65; OHSAS 18001; ISO 14001; ISO 9001; ISO 20000; ISO 27001.

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Health and safety policy

Post by stevewhyles »

Hi, all

I have a little dilemma, I asked my employer where I could find the health and safety policy for the company as I couldn’t find it on the company intranet, he showed me the environmental health and safety statement of intent, I told him that that wasn’t sufficient it has to have the obligatory three parts as in statement of intent, arrangements etc etc etc, he says they don’t need that as the statement is sufficient, I disagree, my question is, am I correct that the document produced is not sufficient and the full policy document must be in existence, my company is a large healthcare national company with nearly 2 thousand employees, and they have an outstanding CQC rating bizarrely, I’m only part time and a health and safety coordinator which is less than what I’m used to but old habits die hard
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Re: Health and safety policy

Post by Blackstone »

Having dealt with a lot of management systems, I would expect a policy to comply with ISO45001. Given that not all companies are up to this standard the policy should meet requirements of HSG65.
Sounds like changing the policy would be an uphill battle. Without knowing the person or company, are there other areas in the business that the MD wants focus or needs more attention and also given that you are part time would be better focusing your time?
Just some thoughts.

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Re: Health and safety policy

Post by molly! »

Bit it in writing to HR you want the full HS policy all parts with the statement of intent signed at director level - environment policy is different to that of a HS policy you want the most up to date version - the problem is is that it is being hidden because company has become complacent and not updated it for so long they are trying to bag you off -

Use hasawa 1974 legislation as it must be shared with anyone who asks for it !
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