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IEMA and not only courses

If you need help on any Environmental courses, just ask in here. There is no such thing as a stupid question in health and safety!

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IEMA and not only courses

Post by Ioannis »

Hello all
Im thinking to start applying for some courses and their exams quite soon.
As i hae already said i hold a BSc in Billogy and an MSc in environmental management with Waste Management and would like to gain more knowledge and qualifications of course.
I have seen the IEMA courses and would like to go for the Associate exam even though im quite rusty on the field to be honest
so im thinking two options
either enroll to a online course either bath or RRC and sit for the exam or try and get the appropriate material and study bymyself and just take the online exam
There is another option jsut to boost myself asteam to sit for the Introductio to Environental Management Systems just to get me me more confident

Sorry for the lengthy email have so much more to say but il keepit sort this time:)


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