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IOSH enviro managment Responsibilities practical exam

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IOSH enviro managment Responsibilities practical exam

Post by Spike9208 »


Quite soon i will be sitting the exam for this course (IOSH enviro managment Responsibilities ) and will have to do a practical exam (audit)

What i would like to know is should i still look for safety things when doing the audit or just things to do with the enviroment? for example cleaning materials will i still have to mention to provide proper training, supervison, first aid etc if cleaners are using harmful products or should i just mention what would happen if for example the chemical was spilled, not sealed correctly thus letting off harmful fumes?

i have been looking in various areas of my workplace and can anyone let me know if im on the right track? heres just a few examples of what ive found so far

Admin area ie leaving pcs on all night and lights which could be remedied by staff powering down at end of shift and the fitting of timer switches

Rather than fill buckets of rubbish for landfill to provide recycle bins for plastics / paper etc

Petrol pumps in yard fitted with interceptor kits to catch any spill before it hits the drainage system and the provision of barriers around pumps to stop collisions with vehicles and prevent possible spills

Staff running vans in the loading bay to let them heat up rather than just starting them when they need to

Hope this makes sense to anyone reading this and any advice will be most gratfully received

Thanks Derek

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nige b
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Re: IOSH enviro managment Responsibilities practical exam

Post by nige b »

Derek a lot of H&S things cross over to enviroemtal so can be used BUT your report will need to address then from the envonmental perspective
1. The use of Chemicals yes COSHH 2002 applies but for the report you need to identify the enviro legislation.
2. Your other items look to be going the right way.
3. Use the audit proforma when you do your action plan make sure you assign the corective action to a person / role and dont forget the review column at the right hand side.

hope this helps Nigel
( PS good Luck i got my pass cert begining of this month)
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Re: IOSH enviro managment Responsibilities practical exam

Post by jonsi »

Spike9208 wrote:Petrol pumps in yard fitted with interceptor kits to catch any spill before it hits the drainage system ...
you may need to explain how you are going to deal with the contents of the interceptors just to show that you know what you can do with the stuff rather than just intercept it.
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