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NEBOSH Environmental Diploma Practical Assessment

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NEBOSH Environmental Diploma Practical Assessment

Post by Mikeswain »

Hi all,

I'm currently studying the NEBOSH environmental diploma distance learning and I'm looking for some advice on the practical assessment.
I've read the NEBOSH guidance but what I'm struggling with is what is expected in terms of research.

Now I have done a review of my organisation's environmental management system specifically in relation to the 8 topics required by NEBOSH which has consisted of documentation reviews, generating environmental reports on energy use, emissions and waste and holding audit meetings via teams.

What's confusing me is the mention of surveys, questionnaires and literary reviews - Do I need to include these or is the internal information I have sufficient to meet the mark, and if not does anyone have any suggestions of what to include here?

Sorry it's a bit long winded but I'm caught between wondering if I'm writing a report specifically for my organisation or a research paper.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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