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DIY ladder (not so safe) moment.

Have you recently had a safety moment? Post your safety moment in here and help raise awareness of health and safety.

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DIY ladder (not so safe) moment.

Post by Alexis »

Just had to copy this from our morning post. Thank you Messy.
Messy wrote:
Tue May 07, 2019 7:38 am
Morning all

I am off today as I had a minor accident at home yesterday and suffered a little concussion and overnight vomiting. (sorry if you are eating breakfast). I can own up to this as I am am not a H&S expert like the rest of you (I just do fire safety) so its not so embarrassing

I was putting up the penultimate kitchen cupboard and its quite a tall one. Mrs Messy was holding it steady while I was on a ladder, but it moved a little. I came down the ladder a step or two to help her readjust the position but the cupboard moved again before I got there

Some idiot had left a hammer on top of the cupboard and of course it fell. Luckily it hit me heavily on the crown of my head and bounced onto the floor avoiding the new worktops. I think the claw bit of the hammer hit me as it bled a little too. I properly saw stars and that was then end of the DIY. I was a bit poorly late last night and although I slept well, I was supposed to drive to Manchester today but I don't think its wise.

I have carried out an independent and fully unbiased investigation into the accident and can report:

Cause: Mrs Messy allowing the cupboard to move
Underlining cause: Allowing Mrs Messy to help
Future Control Measures: Banning Mrs Messy from all DIY zones

I found no evidence that me leaving the heavy hammer balancing on top of the cupboard in any way contributed to the accident or injury
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Re: DIY ladder (not so safe) moment.

Post by grim72 »

LOL None of us are immune from risks/hazards - even if we are trained to try and eliminate them. I'm sure most of us have done something we shouldn't have at one stage or another. Hope the head recovers soon and glad to hear the worktops weren't damaged.
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Re: DIY ladder (not so safe) moment.

Post by Blackstone »

Whilst the cause made me chuckle, hope it doesn't hurt for too long!
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