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Trying to report a gas leak

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Grand Shidoshi
Grand Shidoshi
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Trying to report a gas leak

Post by Messy »

Over recent months I have reported a gas leak in the street 4 times. The location has no postcode or landmarks. Despite me talking directly to an engineer while he was on site, the leak was worse than ever yesterday.

So I made a pdf using Google maps and street view. I marked the location with an arrow and gave the postcode of two nearby buildings

I phoned the emergency gas number who said they could not accept emails or photos. I said there's no point trying to describe the location as in 4 previous attempts it had proved fruitless

I hung up only for them to call back and aggressively shout that once I made the call I HAD to tell them where the leak was. I was not happy as I had tried.

I asked the gas operator guy if he had a work email account as I could send my stuff to him. He wasn't allowed to share it apparently.

Eventually I got an email after requesting where/who I could complain to. So that's where the details went.

Unbelievable!! I cannot believe I was bullied to the point of abused for trying to do my civic duty for the 5th time

I am still angry this morning grrrrrrr (but I feel better now!!)

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Official HSfB Legend
Official HSfB Legend
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Re: Trying to report a gas leak

Post by Alexis »

Oh Messy, I think we all feel your pain of the "jobsworth mentality"!!

With something as potentially dangerous as gas leaks, bending those so-called rules should just come naturally as part of our human common sense brain function. Of course, that "Mr common sense" chestnut will never be resolved! :roll:
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