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Burn to hand while working in laundry

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Burn to hand while working in laundry

Post by Waterbaby »


30 May 2017

"Description of Process: Offshore laundry operations

Description of Incident:

The injured party (IP) was working in the laundry when they put their hand into a dryer (prior to running the cooling cycle) to check if the garments were dry. Whilst doing so, the IP's hand contacted a base layer type garment that had melted inside the machine resulting in a burn that escalated to a lost time injury.
Base layer type garments are usually either a mix of or entirely made from polypropylene. This fabric has qualities which allow moisture to wick away and heat to be retained. Because of its melting factor, air drying is recommended instead of machine drying."

https://www.stepchangeinsafety.net/safe ... ng-laundry

#SocialDistancing #FlattenTheCurve

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Re: Burn to hand while working in laundry

Post by Alexis »

"A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle."


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Re: Burn to hand while working in laundry

Post by ddlh »

I am really surprised that someone put their hand in there!

Most platforms have a procedure for emptying the machines due to the amount of "sharps" and other objects that the offshore people leave in their clothing - including glass, stanley knives etc.

Looks like training or supervision was lapse here unfortunately
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