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Post by bernicarey »

Anyone out there got a good understanding of the EX signs required for DSEAR Zones?

The HSE website states the following:
Hazardous areas are classified into zones based on an assessment of the frequency of the occurrence and duration of an explosive gas atmosphere, as follows:

Zone 0: An area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is present continuously or for long periods;
Zone 1: An area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation;
Zone 2: An area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is not likely to occur in normal operation and, if it occurs, will only exist for a short time.

Various sources have tried to place time limits on to these zones, but none have been officially adopted. The most common values used are:

Zone 0: Explosive atmosphere for more than 1000h/yr
Zone 1: Explosive atmosphere for more than 10, but less than 1000 h/yr
Zone 2: Explosive atmosphere for less than 10h/yr, but still sufficiently likely as to require controls over ignition sources.
So I would expect Safety Signs to be available stating if the area that someone is entering is a Zone, 0, 1, or 2.

Now ATEX is the equipment categories:
Equipment and protective systems intended to be used in zoned areas must meet the requirements of the directive. Zone 0 and 20 require Category 1 marked equipment, zone 1 and 21 require Category 2 marked equipment and zone 2 and 22 require Category 3 marked equipment. Zone 0 and 20 are the zones with the highest risk of an explosive atmosphere being present.
So why is it that all the sign companies only seem to offer signs that are giving the ATEX category, rather than the 'Zone'??

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Post by Alexis »

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