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Honolulu fire: three dead after blaze breaks out in high-rise building

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Honolulu fire: three dead after blaze breaks out in high-rise building

Post by Waterbaby »


Martin Farrer and Liz Barney in Honolulu
Saturday 15 July 2017 08.17 BST

"Around 100 firefighters tackle the incident at Marco Polo apartments, which did not have sprinklers, in the Hawaiian capital.

The building was constructed in 1971, before the city began requiring sprinkler systems and mandating them for high-rises built after 1974, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser newspaper said.:

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/201 ... WEML6619I2

Note: deliberate post separate to Grenfell ( viewtopic.php?f=42&t=46361)
Alexis - please merge if you wish

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Re: Honolulu fire: three dead after blaze breaks out in high-rise building

Post by Alexis »

Many thanks for this WB. .salut .salut

Will leave on its own for now so that it is viewed on its own merits albeit good to weigh against comments from the Grenfell post you linked to. .salut

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Re: Honolulu fire: three dead after blaze breaks out in high-rise building

Post by Messy »

In a way, this media frenzy is not good news. It's is promoting and maintaining the untenable and unfair level of fear and anxiety across the UK following Grenfell.

Its a pain that local authorities and others will carry on with introducing excessive panicky control measures (such as linked fire detection across all flats & circulation spaces - which will not work).

However, the hungry 24/7 news machine is churning out this stuff which is really scary for those living in the hundreds of tall buildings in the UK, or have relatives in hospital beds in the same type of premises

I am 100% sure that 3 dead in a Hawaiian fire would have not made the Guardian before Grenfell. I saw a BREAKING NEWS on BBC News channel a couple of weeks ago that said the fire alarm had sounded a Terminal 3 Heathrow and it was being evacuated. This week BBC London Radio reported that Paddington Station was similarly evacuated in a fire scare (a fire alarm activation). How is any of that even newsworthy for the local free rag, let alone BBC & Sky?

I sometimes temporarily served covering for staff shortages at London Fire Brigade's Heathrow Fire Station. We nicknamed it 'Deathrow' as it was so boring. Perhaps 2,000 false fire alarm calls a year and not a lot else is not what most of us joined up for. None of those shouts made it in the media, but now its Breaking News

Calmness, logic and common sense are really in short supply. Its driving me crazy that I am advising 'do nothing' or 'do little' to building managers that are panicked by the media free-for-all. Some are unnecessarily spending money like its going out of fashion. It doesn't really matter in the private sector, but the public sector are worse

Ill get of my soapbox :)

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Re: Honolulu fire: three dead after blaze breaks out in high-rise building

Post by Smudger207 »

clapclap clapclap clapclap Agree..

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