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Health & Safety Day...

Discuss all things fire related.

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Snr Member
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Health & Safety Day...

Post by sharprc »

Hi Folks, typing this before I go to sleep...

I am looking to get my local Fire Brigade (Sco: Grampian/Eng: West Midlands)in to run a stall over a lunch period and talk to staff, has anyone done this before?

Just want them to talk about home fire safety and so on, nothing too in depth...

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Blue Sky Moderator
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Re: Health & Safety Day...

Post by kevlarion »

Sounds like a good bit of public safety campaigning.
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Dangerous Dave
Dangerous Dave
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Re: Health & Safety Day...

Post by dave247 »

We have done that but they would only pop in for an hour or so but was very good.

If you can give them notice the west Mids air ambulance will come out, St. John's ambulance and we had the NHS, police traffic, VOSA too.

A good one that nobody ever considers is that a lot of accidents happen with people not being focused on what they are doing, this could be down to relationship issues or debts (especially the pay day loans) so would suggest getting in citizens advice to do a drop in clinic.
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Grand Shidoshi
Grand Shidoshi
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Re: Health & Safety Day...

Post by Messy »

So called 'Community Fire Safety' is the BIG thing across all UK fire services. The Fire Service woke up some years ago and realised that most people who die in fires do so at home, whilst asleep, yet they were targeting the overwhelming majority of their prevention resources into statutory fire safety (business & commerce) where few people die

So CFS is seen a the No 1 target. I would strongly suggest that you contact the Station Manager of the local fire station in the first instance. West Mids are well known to be ahead of the game in most areas, so I do not foresee a problem. You wont find any Grampian Fire & Rescue any more as they are now (since 2013) part of one unified Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Good luck

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Re: Health & Safety Day...

Post by TZsafety »

A Site I manage had the local FRS in and it went down well.
Another excellent course held was Road Safety - If I recall it was similar organisation to the Speed Awareness where you can attend if you are just caught over the speed limit. A Road Police Officer attended with Driving simulator, beer goggles etc etc - it went down really well.

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