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Training- hazardous&chemical substances

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Training- hazardous&chemical substances

Post by MaciejHSE »

Hello everyone ;-)

I would like ask you for something ideas&inspiration. I'm preparing short training (15 minutes) during Safety Day. Every 15 minutes comes to me a group of 20 workers and it will be take 8h. 1 of 5 stands/attraction will be Hazardous&chemical substances. Do you have any engaging, increasing awareness, interesting short activities for chemical trainings. Please share the ideas and your experience ;)

For that moment my idea is following: i will have 9 boards (size 20x30cm) from PCV material with printing as below. The board will be consist two items: small pictogram CLP and bigger board with description: corrosive substance 1of 9) with cut out place for the pictogram. I'm going to divide 20 people on 2 teams. They will be in parallel matching 9 clp pictograms with boards with description. Additionally they will be matching various types of physical bottles, chemical containers with the completed boards. 

Plese let me know what do you think about that?  


Thank you!

CLP pictogram (I'm talking about it)

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Re: Training- hazardous&chemical substances

Post by Coldrop »

Napo video is good, I've used it when mixed languages are present as its mostly visual

https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=na ... ORM=WRVORC
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