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NGC2 (MSD's & WRULD's)

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NGC2 (MSD's & WRULD's)

Post by orchie6 »


Currently studying to do my GC2 (exam in 2 weeks :( ) and am struggling to work out the differences in musculoskeletal disorders and work related upper limb disorders?

I have tried looking online to differentiate the two, but I can not find much to go by :shock:

Any help on this guys would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: NGC2 (MSD's & WRULD's)

Post by Alexis »

Hi Orchie. :wave:

Perhaps the simple way of comparing them is:

Muskuloskeletal: This is the main scaffold system if you like. It is the "umbrella" for the whole system of the limbs, tendons, muscles, etc for the upper arms and back. The word "skeleton" is the best way to remember it I think. You can relate it to COPD being the "umbrella" for all sorts of lung and breathing difficulties.

In H&S terms, it is the same as HSWA being the "umbrella" for all the other Regulations set within it. Hope that makes sense.

WRULDs: These are the areas affected within the muskuloskeletal system that happen because control measures have perhaps not been robust enough to prevent these work related illnesses from happening.

I have Muskuloskeletal related WRULD injuries (requiring operations) due to work related things from my past ie: Spondylosis, Carpal Tunnel, Tendon problems etc. etc. Spondylosis was caused through pulling and pushing incorrectly and lifting heavy items again incorrectly, Carpal Tunnel was caused through lengthy times at a typewriting using too much force, prolonged times without a break, no DSE etc. etc.

What you need to know is perhaps not so much the difference between the Muskuloskeletal and WRULDs, but rather how the control systems which are put in place actually work in prevention of these injuries.

Understanding how the two work is, in my opinion, all you need to know to be able to answer the questions on the control measures necessary to prevent, as far as is reasonably practicable, within a given scenario presented to you by a NEBOSH question.

I hope this makes sense to you and offers some sort of help in your understanding Orchie. If not, please come back with any other question relating to your initial query and I will try and explain myself a bit better.

http://www.hse.gov.uk/msd/uld/employers ... cerisk.htm
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