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resit on the 17th

If you need help on any NEBOSH Certificate topic, just ask in here. There is no such thing as a stupid question in health and safety!

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Jnr Member
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resit on the 17th

Post by zenad »

with regards to the new increase in fines that comes into effect from January , if i was asked a question about the fines would i need to mention the increase in a small sentence in my answer or do the examiners not give extra marks for that sort of information
Many thanks

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Re: resit on the 17th

Post by Alexis »

Hi zenad. As far as I understand, (sure Otto will correct me if I am wrong), any new legislations won't be in any exam papers until they have been introduced for 6 months.

However, if there was a question like this, then as much information as possible (within time limits of course) would let the examiner know that you understand fully what the question is asking and may help with overall points.

As I say, I may be wrong here, but others will let me know if I am.
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Re: resit on the 17th

Post by otto »

You're not wrong Alexis - stick to current requirements if asked - there are no marks for the new or upcoming stuff, so don't waste time noting it down.
Otto 8)
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Snr Member
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Re: resit on the 17th

Post by Chazzman »

Hi Zenad,

Both answer are spot on!

Generally it won't hit the exam papers till at least 10 months after.

However as I say to my delegates, legislation etc, which has been in force for about a year is a HOT TOPIC and is bound to come up on exam papers.

Relax deep breath and go over what you have done previously.

Learn HASAWA !!!!

Make some flash cards and don't cram in last minute.

Good Luck

Chazz ./thumbsup..

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