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I bought a bike! With an engine! It is red!

Have some quality recovery time from health & safety and chit chat in here about anything that doesn't fit into any other category.

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HSfB Moderator
HSfB Moderator
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Re: I bought a bike! With an engine! It is red!

Post by WillPool »

Hi Jack

Lovely riding on the new machine, super smooth, not as fast as my previous bike (GSXR 1000) but beautiful all the same.

Due to weather didnt get quite as many miles in as I wanted but just short of 200 miles already covered.

Here is my bike (rather than the showroom picture I showed above):
Sure you will fly through the test next time ./thumbsup..

Nice ride, maybe next summer when I am home maybe I'll ride up to the East Coast and stay over somewhere and then we can go out for a wee jaunt together ;)
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Major Injury
Major Injury
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Re: I bought a bike! With an engine! It is red!

Post by Coldrop »

Nice one Will
I like the look of bikes but wouldn't have one
I rode a quad bike a few months ago, I'd love one of them
Intellectuals solve problems but Geniuses prevent them!

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Jack Kane
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HSfB Site Grand Shidoshi
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Re: I bought a bike! With an engine! It is red!

Post by Jack Kane »

Absolutely stunning Will :D

Looks stunning and its distinctive perfectly tuned rumble must put a mahoosive cheesy grin on your face when you start it up :D
WillPool wrote:
Wed Oct 30, 2019 6:20 am
we can go out for a wee jaunt together
For sure, I'm up for that ./thumbsup..

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