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Monday 13th September 2021

Wooohoooooooo, it's the start of a brand new week! Fantastic! What are you going to achieve this week?

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Monday 13th September 2021

Post by wendolene26 »

Morning All,

Not posted in this area of the forum for a while....too many things to do, and too many plates to spin. Taking the opportunity to start the day with a cuppa and a post in here.

Work is busy but there's a lot of variety so that keeps the ole grey matter ticking along nicely.

I hope everyone has a great and safe start to the week.

Wendo .salut
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Re: Monday 13th September 2021

Post by Alexis »

Good Afternoon Wendo and All. :wave:

Been a busy couple of days in the Alexis corner of the World.......decorating kitchen with the assistance of Big Son!! :roll:

Just like most things in my life, it's a case of almost there, but not quite! :lol:

Paint was supposed to be a nice soothing light grey mist for one part of the walls, however, the paint company with the royal tiara-type headgear seem to have had their mixing machine set with a colour-blind setting, as the paint in the tin AND on one wall, was blue! .scratch We thought it MAY perhaps, with a lot of kneeling and praying, turn light grey overnight, but............of course it didn't! God can move mountains, but he isn't very up on changing man-made paint colouring.

Contacted the store for my purchasing rights on "not fit for the purpose", however, once again, no joy. Seems I have to get in touch with the royal paint folk. This I shall do tomorrow first thing. Wish me luck! :|

Back to now......Hope you are all having a decent Monday. .salut
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