Couple of quick questions

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Couple of quick questions

Post by Ioshka » Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:26 am

Hi, just signed up for the forums. Recently changed jobs where health and safety is now a large part. My background is in building trades and I’m looking to get more involved in health and safety with a view to a career change at some point. I will be doing my studying by distance learning in my spare time which probably suits me a bit better. The plan is iosh managing safely, some experience and then go on to the nebosh general. If I take to the subject then at some point down the line i would think about the diploma. I know it’s jumping the gun a bit but from what I’ve been reading there is 2 different diplomas now with companies treating them both with the same respect. Could someone explain the difference as the price between them is huge. Thanks :wave:

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Re: Couple of quick questions

Post by stephen1974 » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:18 pm

My personal opinion is,

Different in pricing? Will, NEBOSH has, for a very long time, held the monopoly on high level health and safety qualifications so they've been able to charge what ever they liked and you didn't really have an alternative. NCRQ are perhaps undercutting NEBOSH so significantly as they are new and thats a good way to attract people to them to help get themselves established. IF thats what they sought to do, it worked, big time.

Difference in content? You will get a better academic knowlegde of health and saftey laws, regulations and acts through NEBOSH, and you look more impressive being able to reel off the lawyer talk in front of people. NCRQ will give you a better working knowledge of health and safety. How to complete tasks and present your findings etc. I also think that the NEBOSH General Certificate and Diploma and more indpeth than the NCRQ ones, but again, from an academic point of view rather than a practicale one and arguably, covers more than you might need if you are working in a specific industry.

Difference in aquiring the qualification? NEBOSH isn't easy. Its closed book exams that you have to answer in a very precise way. If you dont have a good memory, this isnt for you, and certainly not via distance learning. NCRQ is more course work style with practicle assessments you complete in your own time (kind of, there are deadlines) and with all the resources of books, internet etc available to achieve this. Its a distance learning dream.

If you are looking to gain 'qualifications' for the sake of putting on a CV. Go NCRQ. Cheaper and Easier. If you are looking to learn how to actively manage health and safety, Go NCRQ, its called a Diploma in APPLIED health and safety for a good reason. If you are looking to be some kind of consultant or some sort of auditor or investigator, save up and pay for Classroom based NEBOSH courses. In my opinion.

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