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NEBOSH certificate to diploma

Talk about health and safety courses you are studying or find out about courses you are interested in, including NEBOSH Diploma, BA, MSc, PGCE, NVQ, NCRQ or any other academic qualification relevant.

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NEBOSH certificate to diploma

Post by gocechekorov »

I obtained my General Certificate in May this year and I am contemplating doing the General Diploma to keep myself mentally busy on the HSE topic.
Unfortunately the career change is not going as planned after I obtained the certificate but I am hopefully that it will eventually happen.
What is your take on this? It took me 2 years working offshore 3on/3off to obtain the certificate, will I be capable of completing the 4 diploma units in 5 years?
Thank you for all the advice upfront.

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Re: NEBOSH certificate to diploma

Post by SKD »

Why not consider the NCRQ route? same level as the NEBOSH Diploma



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Re: NEBOSH certificate to diploma

Post by H&S Hermit »

The diploma is great for breadth and depth. You can do one unit per year, with a years grace in enrolment time if you need to.
It’s challenging, interesting, stretching but a huge achievement and as someone who recruits and studied both, I’ll always take a NEBOSH over an NRCQ.
Sorry if that stirs the pot out there. But the recall knowledge for competent quick thinking on the point experts are more often NEBOSH dip (in my experience). Not looking to start a challenge here. Usually it’s just sheer experience.
But I’d say research, and do what is best for you. Whatever you choose, you have to want it to keep it up and going to the end.
Good luck!

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