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Diploma - am I doing it right?!

Talk about health and safety courses you are studying or find out about courses you are interested in, including NEBOSH Diploma, BA, MSc, PGCE, NVQ, NCRQ or any other academic qualification relevant.

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H&S Hermit
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Diploma - am I doing it right?!

Post by H&S Hermit »

Evening all,

So, three weeks until my first go at unit A and B.
Focusing more on A, will see how B goes rather than split time down the middle.

There is chatter everywhere about how difficult the diploma is. And I’m now getting nervous as, yes it’s tough to fit 10 hours study / week in to life, and yes there a huge amount of content and NEBOSH speak to try and get to stick in my head... but I’m only feel drastically under prepared because I don’t feel the anguish of, “the most difficult thing I’ve ever done”... yet!
(I don’t have children and have cut a lot of life commitments to ease focus and energy)

I’d be interested in what people found most difficult? is it the endless resits (and I’m quite expecting these)? Is it the breadth of info? The NEBOSH speak? The fitting all the study time in? Is it the feeling after studying for weeks and months and years?

Am I doing something wrong? Or is it that because I knew what I was getting in to that it isn’t so bad? Or is it just in a few months from now I’ll be eating my words and struggling with the most difficult thing I’ve ever done?

Any insights would be welcome...

H&S Hermit

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Jnr Member
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Re: Diploma - am I doing it right?!

Post by redspelly »

You will be doing it right and you wont be the first person or the last to have doubts leading up to the exam - I am sure we have all had them.
Unit A is said to be the hardest unit to take so best to get that out of the way.

I did the Diploma but there is no way I could manage to study for 2 units in one exam block - 1 is hard enough so maybe concentrate on unit A from now to the exam and see how you go with B and you never know...…

I would also advise that you put as much time into the revision as possible - I found that the last 2 weeks leading up to the exam were spent purely on going through past papers as it was unreal how many questions appeared in similar form time after time.

I know its hard, its a diploma but the more you put into the studying commitments now, the pay off at the end is amazing - good luck.

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Re: Diploma - am I doing it right?!

Post by caryatid »

In my experience, it's not so much that it is difficult - although it does require a high standard and plenty of work.
What is hard is that you can feel you have done well and then find you haven't - or vice versa. And nobody can really help you identify why.
It's not just the NEBOSH 'speak' - its the NEBOSH 'way' you have to get into.

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Anorak Extraordinaire
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Re: Diploma - am I doing it right?!

Post by bernicarey »

Personally, having done the Diploma in 2009/10 I found that Unit A was hardest and I think that would be the case for the vast majority of people.
Quite simply with Unit B & C, and Unit D at the time, there would be elements for most people that were familiar, for some reason, whether it be Manual Handling, Noise, DSE, COSHH etc., etc., because they are part of daily life to some degree. Whereas the Law content of Unit A is alien to most of us.
I would certainly not have considered anything alongside Unit A.

Tomorrow - your reward for being safe today...


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