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Diploma Exams - Unit A only, or A&B together?

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H&S Hermit
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Diploma Exams - Unit A only, or A&B together?

Post by H&S Hermit »

Good Evening fellow study hermits :)

I started my NEBOSH diploma in Jan, straight off the back of the certificate in Nov/Dec (passed with credit).
I’ve covered the two weeks of Unit A classroom in Jan and Feb and will do classroom unit B in April and May.

I’m looking for input / advice on whether to do both A and B exams in July. Or just stick to A and do B&C together in Jan 19?
I faired better / feel stronger in Unit A at cert level (70), and worse in B (54). But we all know diploma is a whole other game.

I’m considering focusing on A, but sitting B as a “suck it and see” in July as it’ll be fresher in my head. And if I fail, so be it, I’ll retake (fully aware that the odds of a retake of at least one unit at some point is high)... my two different unit A tutors had opposite opinions on A or A&B.

Any thoughts or experiences much appreciated

Stay healthy

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Re: Diploma Exams - Unit A only, or A&B together?

Post by Safetysmurf »

Good morning H&S Hermit,

I suppose it would be up to the individual and how much information you can retain?? ../.
I personally concentrated on one unit at a time. Passed A first time and B first time. Slipped up by a few marks on unit C then resat and passed the next time. You'd be very brave sitting two units at the same time in my opinion but that's for you to decide.

Good luck with either route though.


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Re: Diploma Exams - Unit A only, or A&B together?

Post by aditay »

Hi, I did as you regarding straight after the cert (also credit) I went straight onto the diploma. I took A on it`s own as it was my weaker subject and wanted to spend more time on that,then took B and C together as I thought I was stronger in these two with my working background. It worked well as I got 76 % in A and passed B and C with about 60 % each.

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