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Am i taking too many notes.... Help

Talk about health and safety courses you are studying or find out about courses you are interested in, including NEBOSH Diploma, BA, MSc, PGCE, NVQ, NCRQ or any other academic qualification relevant.

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Re: Am i taking too many notes.... Help

Post by Gringo1972 »

Hi bernicarey.

You said yesterday that your providers info was out of date.

I have just been reading my print outs regarding the ISO family and there discussing the ISO 9001:2000 & 2008, no mention whatsoever about the 2015 version.

I think these training providers should be getting audited by Nebosh themselves IMOA.

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nige b
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Grand Shidoshi
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Re: Am i taking too many notes.... Help

Post by nige b »

one thing to bear in mind each exam will have different questions hence you should learn as much as you can retain about every thing !! easy to say but by taking notes and note and note will help stuff sink in
one idea is to do a section taking notes then a few weeks later do the section again taking notes and then compare the two sets of notes you will see things that have sunk in as your not likely to take notes on those items.. hope that makes sense
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