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please help with hazard for c&g nvq 5 (the old nvq 4)

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please help with hazard for c&g nvq 5 (the old nvq 4)

Post by launchit0 »

I have completed unit 503 (c&g nvq 5 occupational health & safety) i have completed the reflective account and provided evidence for my risk assessment now im a little confused on the excel document (Hazard Risks for Units 615) it asks for a total of 15 hazards selected from chemical, physical, biological psycho social and so on........this may sound really dumb but I’m confused on how to fill this in, especially on the categorization you see it doesn’t give you much room to write the stuff down in the column.....does anyone have an example that they could email to me just to give me a better idea? Like i say I’m finished on the reflective account and all i am looking for is a little guidance, i have really gone to town on this one and i just don’t want to stumble on something as simple as this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you :D :D
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Re: please help with hazard for c&g nvq 5 (the old nvq 4)

Post by linda »


I've not seen the document, but the standards just ask for a set number of risk assessments. Your provider is probably asking for you to supply 15 of them, across a variety of hazards. Not 15 DSE RA's.


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Re: please help with hazard for c&g nvq 5 (the old nvq 4)

Post by stevel »

Not done NVQ but dip
Physical = Thermal, heat stress, cold freeze,(extremes of temp Hot cold), noise, vibration, radiation (sunburn)
Psycho-social= Stress, Violence
Biological= blood borne,air borne, water borne, HIV, leptospirosis,
Chemical= sensitizing agents (Chromium 6 in concrete)
Ergonomic= manual handling, confined space
would assume that they would be the same.
but as we all know to assume is to make an ass of u & me
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