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Legionella - Hot and cold temp outputs checking

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Legionella - Hot and cold temp outputs checking

Post by TWDB »

Hi all,

We undertake monthly temp checking of all outlets in our office and workshop.

can someone confirm if monthly is the required by the regulations - or is the frequency just based on risk?

I have always undertaken monthly

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Re: Legionella - Hot and cold temp outputs checking

Post by Penfold »

Hi T

Check this link from HSE:


In particular is states: "A competent person should routinely check, inspect and clean the system, in accordance with the risk assessment."

Hope this helps?

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Re: Legionella - Hot and cold temp outputs checking

Post by Waterbaby »


No-one wants a headline assessment like this :o

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Re: Legionella - Hot and cold temp outputs checking

Post by witsd »

IIRC, nothing is specified by the regs aside from 'do a risk assessment', but the standard testing and temps are all listed at the end of the HSGs.

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Re: Legionella - Hot and cold temp outputs checking

Post by ScottD »

The LRA carried out by a professional company, as you can't do it yourself, will tell you everything you need to do or put in place. What to check and when, who needs what training (there are named persons), what management system you need, records to be kept etc. etc. and you will need to also complete a risk assessment for carrying out the checks.
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